AI Chose My Makeup For A Week And The Results Were Actually Pretty Great

I’m a visual artist. Nearly every aspect of my life is driven by a desire to create, no matter the medium — from DIY projects to cosplay and elaborate face makeup, I’m constantly making something new. I’m always keen to experiment with new techniques, tools, and technology, so naturally I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence art generators. While I’m aware of the ongoing discourse surrounding AI art, including the lawsuits and ethical debates, my curiosity is a lot stronger than my apprehension about it.

So that’s why I decided to let AI choose my makeup over the course of five days. For the sake of consistency, I used the Dream by Wombo app to create all of the looks featured below. (I also chose this app because there’s a limit of 200 characters per prompt, and I liked the challenge of shorter prompts.) While I did my best to faithfully re-create the looks in the AI images, I took human liberties based on the supplies I had at hand and my own whims. Here’s what I created with the help of a machine.

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