Soccer Possession Drills

Mastering Soccer Possession Drills: Enhancing Skills on the Pitch


Soccer possession drills are a fundamental aspect of player development and team strategy. These drills focus on honing a team’s ability to control and maintain possession of the ball, fostering a cohesive playing style that can lead to greater success on the pitch. In this article, we delve into the importance of soccer possession drills and explore some effective exercises to enhance your team’s performance.

Why Soccer Possession Matters

1. Control of the Game

Possession-oriented teams dictate the flow of the game. By dominating possession, a team can control the pace, force opponents to defend continuously, and create scoring opportunities.

2. Improved Decision-Making

Possession drills emphasize quick decision-making under pressure. Players learn to scan the field, anticipate movements, and make split-second choices, crucial skills in fast-paced match scenarios.

3. Enhanced Technical Skills

Maintaining possession demands technical excellence. Players develop better ball control, passing accuracy, and first-touch proficiency through regular participation in possession-focused training.

Key Soccer Possession Drills

1. Rondo Drill (H2)

What is Rondo?

The Rondo, also known as “piggy in the middle,” is a classic possession drill that sharpens passing accuracy and player movement.

How to Perform Rondo:

  • Set Up: Form a circle with one or two players in the center (defenders) and the rest on the outside (attackers). The attackers aim to keep possession, while the defenders attempt interceptions.
  • Objective: Maintain possession for a set time, with players swapping roles if possession is lost.

2. Triangle Passing (H2)

Benefits of Triangle Passing:

This drill emphasizes triangular passing patterns, encouraging players to work in coordinated units.


  • Set Up: Position three players in a triangular shape. The objective is to pass the ball swiftly between the players, maintaining possession.
  • Focus: Emphasize quick, one-touch passing and player movement. Rotate players regularly to involve everyone.

3. Positional Play (H2)

Importance of Positional Play:

Positional play drills simulate real match scenarios, helping players understand their roles in different areas of the field.


  • Set Up: Divide the pitch into zones. Players must maintain possession while adhering to specific positional rules within their designated zones.
  • Benefits: Enhances players’ spatial awareness, communication, and understanding of tactical positioning.


Incorporating soccer possession drills into your training regimen is a strategic move towards developing a well-rounded and successful team. The ability to control the ball, make precise passes, and move effectively as a unit are skills that can set your team apart on the soccer field. By focusing on these possession drills, you’re not just practicing; you’re shaping a winning style of play. Master the drills, and watch your team’s performance soar to new heights.

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