The World Is Burning. Apple Released New Watches, iPads, And A Fitness Service Today.

You can also get a measurement on demand through a new blood oxygen monitoring app in 15 seconds. More is better, and so the Apple Watch will alert you with notifications starting later this year if your blood oxygen levels dip.

There’s also a newer, brighter display to help you see the screen even in sunlight, and the chip that powers the smartwatch is now 20% faster than the one in last year’s model.

The less expensive Apple Watch SE doesn’t look any different from the Series 6 but eliminates a few features, like the ability to take an ECG reading and track blood oxygen levels. It still comes with the watch’s standard fitness features, however, like the ability to track your workouts and fall detection.

Apple also launched a new service called Apple Fitness+ that lets you choose workout videos on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and watch them on your watch. Metrics like heart rate and calories burned are displayed in real time on any display you’re using for the workout.

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