This Eco-Friendly Workout Gear Is Stylish And Sustainable

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When the average person thinks about combating climate change, their mind probably goes to reducing food waste, recycling, choosing electric cars when possible, and maybe looking askance at Kim Kardashian’s and other celebrities’ private jet usage. One thing that people are starting to understand, however, is that it’s about more than individual choices; corporate responsibility is essential from an impact perspective. 

If you want providers of goods and services to be kinder to the environment, one way to do that is to support companies, including those that sell clothing, that already have eco-friendly practices in place.  

In recent years, there’s been more discussion of just how bad fast fashion is for the environment. TikTok is suddenly all about buying vintage in contrast to fast fashion brands like PrettyLittleThing that used to reign supreme. But I’ll admit that buying secondhand activewear feels a little strange to me, which is why I’ve been looking for athleisure and performance workout apparel that’s genuinely doing right by the environment.

Of course, it would be ideal for everyone to consume less in general, clothing included. That’s probably something we can all work on, while also being realistic about the fact that we’re going to need to buy things once in a while. Since my exercise clothes and shoes tend to wear out most quickly and I’d like to feel the least possible amount of guilt when replacing them, I needed to know who was doing right by the planet in this category.

From an everyday consumer’s perspective, these are some eco-friendly activewear brands that are trying to balance cost effectiveness, comfort, functionality, and the climate as well as they can, with goals to continue reducing their environmental impact over time.

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