This Handheld Tool Can Make Your Disgusting Mattress A Little Cleaner

It’s accurate to assume that germs are lurking everywhere in your home, but your mattress is one particular place that harbors untold microorganisms that many of us prefer not to think about.

In fact, mattresses are more disgusting than you might ever have imagined, according to Manal Mohammed, a medical microbiologist and senior lecturer at London’s University of Westminster.

“An average mattress can have thousands of dust mites that produce millions of droppings,” Mohammed said. She explained that these mites feed on particles like dead skin cells, saliva, sweat and even wayward food crumbs. 

“Many people can develop allergies to dust mite droppings,” Mohammed said. “And after prolonged exposure, some people, especially those with asthma, might develop severe symptoms and complications.”

It’s not just dust mites that you might be sharing a bed with. Due to how prone mattresses are to moisture and warmth, Mohammed warned against fungi, mold, viruses and bacteria such as E. Coli, MRSA and other serious contaminants that pose real risks to our health.

Before you throw your mattress to the curb in advance of the recommended six-to-10-year time frame, Mohammed said there are some steps you can take to reduce the number of germs that you’re exposed to, including using a mattress-designated vacuum with a built-in UV sanitation light. Although she didn’t cite any model in particular, we found a highly reviewed mattress vacuum on Amazon that fits her guidance.

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