This Therapist Accidentally Gave Himself An Unfortunate Username On TikTok

Leezer, 30, a licensed clinical social worker in Chicago who runs his own private practice, created the TikTok less than a month ago to post videos about the kinds of things he focuses on with his clients: self-esteem, body image, anxiety. Then, last week, he got the comment on one of his videos. 

“In that moment, my blood went hot,” Leezer told BuzzFeed News.

Leezer, who now has nearly 31,000 followers on the app, said that he had never considered a different reading of the words when he made the account, and in his job he sees the word “therapist” so often he never considered another interpretation.

Many commenters pointed out it was similar to a joke in a Saturday Night Live “Celebrity Jeopardy” skit featuring Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery:

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