What questions do you have about the Commanders’ outlook? Ask The Post.

If it feels like a momentous week for the Washington Commanders … well, that’s because it’s a momentous week for the Washington Commanders.

Monday’s dismissal of head coach Ron Rivera was the beginning of what could be an absolute transformation of how the franchise is run, and the first chance for new owner Josh Harris and his partners to truly put their stamp on the team.

There are a ton of moving parts, but the real possibility is the Commanders will begin the 2024 season with a new head of football operations, a new head coach and a new quarterback. To help me sort it all out, I’m welcoming Nicki Jhabvala and Sam Fortier — our Commanders beat team — to take reader questions. We’ll answer at 2 p.m. Tuesday, but get them in early below!

Send us your questions below. The question box includes a space for your name, but this is optional. Your question may be edited for accuracy and clarity.

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Thomas Floyd, an editor for The Post’s Sports section, produced this chat.

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